Girls of Summer, Basketball That Is

by | Jul 31, 2014

By John Anderson

After seeing the Boys Summer Basketball League last week, I had to take a look at the girls. This summer’s team is coached by recent AHS graduate Nathalie Khafaga who made her presence on the court well known last season. Nathalie was a tough player who didn’t mind some physical contact during a game. You just can’t teach this stuff.

The Girls were playing North High on Thursday night and were out for revenge. Two days earlier, they lost by 1 point in a tight game. This game was all Auburn, and they took a quick lead and held it for the balance of the game. The score was 33-18 at the half, and Auburn won 62-34.

Coach Khafaga did admit that North was missing their best shooter, but Auburn was missing their most seasoned varsity players, Erin Burke and Emily Sarkisian. The team played well, and the younger players hold lots of promise.