Celebrate National Ice Cream Day!

by | Jul 19, 2014

In case you weren’t aware – and we weren’t until we were notified by our friends at Coco’s Tropical Ice – this Sunday is National Ice Cream day!

You’ve probably heard that New Englanders eat more ice cream than any other group of folks in America.  Apparently, that statistic is more anecdotal than fact.  However the Northeast region (which includes New England and several other states like New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and, depending on who you ask, Delaware), does in fact consumer the most ice cream of any U.S. region.

cocoWhy?  One idea is that we just have really good ice cream in the Northeast, so we eat it all up.  Good enough for me. Why waste a beautiful July day researching ice cream trends when you can instead go eat some ice cream?

Coco’s Tropical Ice on Swanson St., in Auburn will celebrate National Ice Cream Day  with a couple of special events.  Coco’s will host the storyteller, R.C.A. (Rat Catcher Extraordinaire).  He will take us on a delightfully zany journey to attempt to catch an infamous rat. With stories, games and a sprinkling of magic in between, join him and his Pied Piper performance!

This performance will take place at Coco’s, Sunday at 2:30PM. Bring a blanket or lawn chair (or both), as they may move outside!

Also, to celebrate National Ice Cream Day, Coco’s will have a free topping bar set up for all to enjoy from 3-5!!

All are welcome to come down and enjoy and have a great time.