AMS Graduates 208

by | Jun 26, 2014

By John Anderson

In the crowded auditorium at Auburn High School last Friday, 208 middle school grade 8 students received their certificates of completion and took the big step of entering high school. The students were led in by Student Council Co-Presidents Emily Frost and Jennifer Tarini. Marc Durocher III and Katelyn Norwood handled the introductions for the ceremony.

After Principal Joe Gagnon welcomed the guests, Julia Handfield led the Pledge of Allegiance followed by the AMS Band and Select Choir performing the National Anthem. Dr. Maryellen Brunelle gave the Superintendent’s Address while Matthew Bissaillon was the Keynote Speaker.

Matt is the AHS Valedictorian and offered advise to both students and their parents in his unique fashion. To the students: “Ah, homework. I am going to give you some lame advice. But it will help. Just do it. There is nothing more frustrating in class when there is that one kid who asks a question that is thoroughly explained in last night’s assignment. Plus, if you do your homework, and actually understand it, there will be less of a need to study.”

“To the parents in the room: Give your kids a little bit of leeway. They have some changes to go through over the coming year, physically and emotionally…Have faith in the teachers here; it is an all-star combination of teachers and guidance counselors. There will be at least one teacher that your kid will be able to open up to. And finally, realize that you are about to lose all control of your time and money.”

This was a special and final Graduation for Vice-Principal John Giordano III who is retiring from the Auburn Public Schools. Congratulations to all the graduates, and the best of luck at Auburn High. A list of the graduates and award winners follows the slide show.



2014 AMS Graduates

Alexis Albin *
Connor Anderson
Zachary Armendo
Mackenzie Army-Fox
Domenic Astrella
Matthew Backlin *
Samantha Barrell **
Emily Beavers *
Ryan Beck
Alexander Bell
Cole Belog **
Brendan Benevento *
Adriana Bennett
Kathryn Bernard
Kelsey Bernard
Zachary Billings *
Matthew Bregman **
Tyler Brindle *
Kayrin Brower *
Jacob Brown
Heather Brusa
Thomas Bruso *
Brandon Burnett
Margaret Callahan *
Cole Carbonneau
Matthew Carpenter *
Chase Carrion
Chelsey Carrion
Anthony Carvalho
Nicole Causey
Jessica Chenard *
Hannah Cherry **
Richard Chester IV
Alexis Chretien
Anthony Clemente
Michael Collins *
Craigon Confer **
Hansi Confer *
Olivia Copson **
Megan Corey
Erin Creagh
Kristopher Cross *
Madison D’Olimpio *
Lucas Daly *
Jacob Daniels
DeAndra Dawson
Sydney Dinsdale **
Leo DiPilato
Angela DiTommaso
Amanda Doherty *
Kerri Dowd **
Kathryn Dudko *
Corey Duff
Robin Duff *
Marc Durocher III *
Rebecca Engel **
Gisell Escobar Alegria
Colleen Fellows
Carly Filiere *
Filip Filipov
Sean Fleming *
David Forgues
Samantha Foulkrod
Lauren Francis **
Emily Frost **
Alyssa Frotten *
Zachary Gallant
Erica Garand *
John Garrahie IV
Camryn Gaspie
Ivy Giffone *
Audrey Gill
Riley Gill
Paul Giorgio
Ty Glodis *
Steven Grampetro
Rachel Griffin *
Maggie Grogan **
Lindsay Guittarr *
Padraic Halloran *
Coleson Hammond *
Julia Handfield *
Zachary Hauge **
Mackenzie Hebert
Andy Ho
Isabel Hoffsommer
Joseph Hopper Jr.
John Hurley
May Huynh **
Kayla Imse
Jackie Jacques
Skylar Jessing
Emma Jette *
Evan Jewell
Maxwell Joncas **
Nicholas Jose
Tyler Judice *
Charyl Kahale **
Alexis Kamyck *
Nicholas Kamyck
Joseph Kennedy *
Lauren Kennedy *
Christopher Keyes *
Alexis Kimbar
Alexus Kubert-Guzman
Nicholas Lacava
Jacob Landry **
Shayna Larson
James Lauzonis Jr.
Nathan Lavallee
Simone LeBlanc
Gabrielle Lemanski *
Brianna Leon **
Jayme Leonard
Jillian Lier
Isabella Lourie *
Gwenyth Lutz **
Morgan Maher
Kelsey Malboeuf *
Jonathan Marchant **
Adam Marier *
Kayley Markvenas
Taylor Markvenas
Krista Marquez
Steven Marshall Jr. *
Julianna Martinelli **
Kylie Mason *
Ty Mathews *
Melaney Mathieu
Rory Matthews
Kaelen McCurley
Rachel McGrillen *
Kayla McGuire
Colin McKeon
Haydn McPherson
Sienna Miglin *
Jacob Miller
Kaitlyn Miller *
Tiffany Moen *
Kade Moore
Brenda Morawski
Delaney Nadeau *
David Nelson *
Tuan Nguyen *
Breanna Niemiec *
Katelyn Norwood **
Adaline Ohman
Elijah Olacio
Peter Oliver **
Kwame Opoku-Agyeman
Renee Ordway *
Matthew Palmer **
Dominic Papandrea
Jacob Paradis
Stephanie Peterson **
Ana Pietrewicz *
John Pignataro *
Parker Plona
Kyle Powers **
Taylor Prescott
Timothy Prosser *
Tyler Query
Benjamin Rackett
Abigail Randall
Elizabeth Renner *
Paulo Ribeiro
Eric Rockwood *
Marissa Rodriguez
Alexander Rondon
Laura Ruzzoli
Caroline Saltz **
Hailee Sansoucy
Brian Sarkisian *
Jayci Seliger
Samantha Sheehan *
Bradley Simonelli
Alexandra Simonian *
Elizabeth Simonian
Cole Simpson
Benjamin Soponski *
Kyle Spurr *
Jacob Stokes *
Tyler Sullivan
Vanessa Symonick **
Brenda Ta **
John Ta **
Jennifer Tarini **
Rick Therrien Jr. **
Derik Thurston
Matthew Tran **
Anthony Villa *
Joseph Walsh *
Joshua Washburn
Nicole Wass
Allison Watson
Eric Westermark *
Jeremy Wheeler *
Rachel Wheeler
Brianna White **
Bridget White **
Kamryn White
Tora White *
Alexander Whitney
Thomas Willette *
William Wright *
Paulix Yanski
Andre Zink *
Bradley Zona

** High Honors
* Honors

Faculty Citizenship Awards

Peter Oliver
Christopher Keyes
Katelyn Norwood
Maggie Grogan
Jessica Chenard
Isabella Lourie
Brian Sarkisian
Zachary Hauge
Alexandra Simonian
Elizabeth Simonian
Bridget White
Caroline Saltz
Robin Duff
Alexander Whitney
Ivy Giffone
Julia Handfield

Don Thunberg Awards

Katelyn Norwood
Kelsey Malboeuf

Michael Houle Award

Jonathan Marchant

ARC Essay Recitations & Awards

Amanda Doherty
Bridget White

Academic Excellence Awards

English Language Arts
Sydney Dinsdale
Lauren Francis

Matthew Tran
John Ta

Matthew Tran
John Garrahie IV

Social Studies
Peter Oliver
John Ta

Unified Arts
Kristopher Cross
Robin Duff

Foreign Language
Zachary Hauge

S.O.A.R. Award
Brian Sarkisian
Maggie Grogan

Perfect Attendance Grade 8
Joseph Kennedy
Delaney Nadeau
Tuan Nguyen
Jayci Seliger
Vanessa Symonick
Jennifer Tarini
William Wright
Paulix Yanski