Alumni Boost Band Performance

by | Jun 17, 2014

By John Anderson

Under sunny skies on Sunday afternoon, the Auburn High School Concert Band performed in the Pavilion at the Pappas Recreation Complex. The high school musicians were assisted by alumni, parents, and faculty. After a day of practice on Saturday, the band performed for over an hour in front of a hundred or so spectators.

Conductors swapped out during the concert so each could play his favorite instrument for part of the event. They were AHS Band Director Virginia Bailey, AMS Band Director Collin Meyers, retired AMS Band Director Bob Chadwick, and 1998 Alumnus and Quaboag H.S. Band Director James Joinville.




APS staff members Krissi Forgues and Aaron Caruso added their talents while parents Jerry Sullivan on trumpet and Scott Taylor on Trombone played along. Alumni Amy Daly Gardner, Dave Gow, Elizabeth Cook, Alison Morrow, Andrew Morrow, Hannah Murphy, Chris Sullivan, Matt Festa, and Luke Thunberg came back to participate.

Recent graduates, and yes Alumni as well, Matt Bassailon, Jack Leger, Steve Sisko, Ture Carlson, Fi Daly, and Ryan Malakie also joined in. Miss Bailey organized the event, and judging from the enthusiasm, this won’t be the last time an Alumni concert will occur.