Selectman Election Result Stands

by | Jun 6, 2014

By John Anderson

An election recount is not really how one would choose to spend an evening: counters and recorders sitting at tables; observers hovering around; lawyers walking through the crowd looking for infractions; and official overseers, well, overseeing. The official start time for the recount of our recent selectmen’s race was at 6:00pm last night, but it took nearly half an hour to get a ballot counted.

Michael Robidoux petitioned for the recount after coming in third behind incumbent Denise Brotherton and newcomer Dan Carpenter. On election night, Carpenter and Robidoux were separated by a mere 15 votes, and each gained 2 votes when absentee ballots were tallied. At the end of the recount, they were 14 votes apart, but Carpenter remained the victor.

Brotherton, Grossman and Robidoux each gained a vote during the recount, so the final totals are Brotherton – 840; Carpenter – 683; Robidoux – 669; Grossman – 639; Natoli – 421;and Westerman – 282.

According to Town Clerk Ellen Gaboury, the recount cost the Town about $4,000. Expenses included Town Counsel, police details, constable fees to serve a notification to each candidate, and payments to the staff hired to conduct the recount. With the outcome of election determined with certainty, it’s time to get back to business at Town Hall.