Goddard School Celebrates Chinese Culture

by | Jun 5, 2014

On Friday, May 30, the Goddard School of Auburn hosted the first annual “China’s Day of the Child!” On this day, children were introduced to all aspects of the Chinese culture ranging from food, music and entertainment.

The day started with children making a traditional Chinese fruit salad for snack time. The salad consisted of peaches, kiwi and other flavors many children may have never tried together. To our surprise, the snack was a success and made the children eager for the festivities to come.

The Goddard School has been focusing on incorporating diversity and world cultures into the everyday curriculum. Teachers happily bring in dishes and music that represent their cultures on a daily basis. “Our goal is to expose the children to the different cultures of the world, to foster acceptance and  to spark interest in other ways of life,” says Ms. Maria, a preschool teacher at Goddard.

Volunteers from Leaders Way Kung Fu Academy in Worcester came to the event and shared their talents in kung fu and even demonstrated a traditional dragon dance.  Ms. Thao, an assistant teacher from the school, brought in traditional dishes such as vegetable rice, lo mein and beautiful fruit jelly desserts.


Photo courtesy The Goddard School of Auburn


The event was held during pick-up hours to ensure all families would have the opportunity to share in the festivities. “What a beautiful event,” said one of the parents, “Who knew my child would be so interested in kung-fu?”

The children participated in arts and crafts as they made kites and learned about the Chinese calendar. The sounds of children running around exclaiming “I’m a lion! I’m a rat!” filled the Goddard School playground as the children excitingly learned about a new culture!


Photo courtesy The Goddard School of Auburn