Baseball Caught in Quarterfinal

by | Jun 4, 2014

By John Anderson

Usually when a pitcher throws a 3 hit game, it’s celebration time, but when the other pitcher throws a no-hitter, things look different. Such was the case on Monday when Auburn lost to Assabet, 3-0, and it wasn’t like the Rocket bats weren’t connecting.

Assabet’s Tyler Hudson threw a near perfect game, and a walk by Kyle Quitadamo in the third inning was the only thing to blow it. Down 1-0, Quitadamo attempted to steal second and was thrown out. That was the last time the Rockets would have someone on a base.

Josh Boucher pitched well for Auburn, but pitchers don’t win games without batters. Despite a lot of ball contact, the Aztec defense was nearly perfect as well and was only charged with one error.

Fly outs were the order of the day, and right fielder Ryan Kozlowski caught three in the bottom of the first inning. Auburn was charged with one error that allowed a run to score, but otherwise the defense was decent and included a double play to end the sixth inning.

This season was difficult for the Rockets, but they played through and can walk away with their heads held high. Great job guys.