Town Meeting Starts with Controversy

by | May 8, 2014

By John Anderson

TM.Controversy.6179Auburn’s Annual Town Meeting got off to an interesting start. Every other seat in the lower (town meeting member) section had a folded 11”x17” paper draped over. Inside, the informational piece advised members, “You and others may have been included among the up to 41 Town Meeting Representatives Selectman Steven Simonian observed and tallied as “sleeping” during town meetings sessions?”

This paper referred  to the April 14, 2014 Selectmen’s meeting where Simonian was suggesting the Article 1 reports be shortened so more time can be devoted to the articles themselves. “This is me personally, viewing the town meeting from my position.”

Simonian said that during 4 different town meetings, he observed 34, 41, 28, and 35 members sleeping during the report presentations.

Although on the tape Simonian said, “This is not a criticism of town meeting, this is fact,” someone obviously disagreed or just wanted members to be aware that they were being observed and should stay alert. The true motivation may never be known, but Simonian was quite upset according to multiple witnesses.

If citizens want to see the statement, they can do so through ACTV or the Auburn Guide. Please see our additional article on the Town Meeting.