JB Math Students Excel in Math Madness Competition

by | May 7, 2014

Mrs. Jennifer DiMeglio’s Grade 5 Math Team at the Julia Bancroft School team placed 20th out of 6,960 middle school category teams from around the country in the TenMarks Math Madness National Competition.  The competition was held March 3rd through April 13th. Combined, the teams solved millions of math problems each week.

JB Math 1

Jennifer DiMeglio’s JB Grade 5 Math Team. Photo courtesy Julia Bancroft School.

TenMarks Math is an online program aligned with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.  As described on the TenMarks site, the company has created an inventory of CCSS-specific questions, assessments, and instructional resources that engage students and cultivate deep understanding of mathematical concepts.  The TenMarks program has been utilized throughout the school as a means to differentiate concepts, provide practice and increase mathematical understanding by meeting the needs of every student.

Mrs. DiMeglio’s math class went beyond their regular daily academics as they used computers, laptops, and iPads to complete about 49,770 TenMarks math problems during math class, recess, intervention, after school and at home.  This team comprised of 26 grade five students was entered into the National Middle School Competition six weeks ago and began solving a multitude of math problems that spanned all strands of the math curriculum.

Teams across the nation were ranked weekly according to the rules sited on the TenMarks site.  This included the number of problems completed as well as maximum accuracy rates.  The top ranked schools then had the highest four weeks averages combined to determine their overall standing nationwide.  The final announcements on school rankings were released on April 21, 2014.

The  team of students worked together as they challenged each other to accurately complete as many problems as possible on a daily and weekly basis.  Throughout the competition, students supported and cheered each other on as they strived to reach the highest possible ranking, both individually and collectively.  When the competition ended and the results were shared, all felt the sense of pride and accomplishment in the students.  This was clearly evident as the students congratulated each other, laughed and celebrated together, enjoying enchiladas, cake and ice cream, prior to receiving their awards.

CONGRATULATIONS to the Julia Bancroft TenMarks Team: Emily Adamiak, Nate Archambault, Alexander Bisceglia, Zion Burdick, Maeve Cahill, Grace Foulkrod, Corrie Hammond, Connor Halloran, Griffin Hurley, Audrey Johnson, Andrew Konicki, Marcus Longo, Tracy Le, Alex Miller, Maia McKean, Alison McKiernan, Thomas McKiernan, Mia McElroy, Raechel Nash, Connor Nordman, Ethan Petrie, Victor Pacheco, Kyle Roycewicz, Emma Sheible, Brendan Slomski, Wilson Van.

JB Math 3

The team’s scores projected on a white board at AMS. Photo courtesy Julia Bancroft School.

These students exemplify the work ethic and perseverance present in the students, staff and families of Julia Bancroft.  They worked tirelessly and enthusiastically over a period of six weeks which resulted in their impressive high ranking as well as their 96.4% accuracy rate.