Book In Memory of Stephen Lukas Available at APA Road Race

by | May 3, 2014

Patrolman Stephen A. Lukas.  Photo Courtesy Auburn Police Association.

Patrolman Stephen A. Lukas. Photo Courtesy Auburn Police Association.

Seattle based writer Tom Lukas, brother of Auburn Patrolman Stephen Lukas who was killed in the line of duty on January 1, 1986, has penned a novel in memory of Stephen.  “Special Operations” is a psychological thriller, and copies will be available Sunday at the Auburn Police Association 5K.

Tom’s debut novel has received much critical acclaim.  “Special Operations” is by every description an entertaining page-turner.  At the same time, the novel is deadly serious, shining light upon an issue responsible for the unnecessary deaths of many police officers, as well as fatalities in other lines of work.

Tom has established a new scholarship for students with an interest in creative writing.  The Patrolman Stephen Lukas/Special Operations Award for Creative Writing will be funded with proceeds from the novel as well as with donations from the community.  A copy of the book will be awarded at graduation along with the monetary award, which will be awarded based on demonstrated commitment to the craft of creative writing.  Guidance counselor Amy Samson of Auburn High school will be administering this award in conjunction with the AHS Department of English.

There exists the Stephen A. Lukas Memorial Scholarship , which was established by Stephen’s brothers Tom and Jim, along with others from the Lukas family. It is awarded to a graduating Auburn High School senior interested in law enforcement or natural resources.  The Auburn Police Association also maintains a scholarship fund which provides financial aid to graduating Auburn High School seniors in memory of Officer Stephen A. Lukas and Officer Eric T. Snay.  Snay died in 2002 from an aggressive form of brain cancer.

According to Tom Lukas, “It [The Patrolman Stephen Lukas/Special Operations Award for Creative Writing ] won’t be as big an book_cover_dec14_web award as the Patrolman Stephen Lukas Memorial Scholarship provided for through the efforts of Detective Dyson, my brother Jim, APD, and APA. However, with time, I am hoping sales of the book will translate into an increasingly generous award for Creative Writing.”

Additional information about Lukas’ novel can be found at his website Spycar Books.  You can also access a synopsis and reader reviews on Amazon. 

Tom regrets that he can’t make it to Auburn on Sunday, May 4 for the road race.  “I plan to be in Auburn as a very important stop mid-August along my Seattle to Boston Spycar Tour of readings and book signings” says Lukas.  “The tour will take me south to Washington D.C. and then to my alma mater, University of Virginia, after my stops in Central Massachusetts.”