Candidate Profile – Dorothy Sutton, Candidate for School Committee

by | May 1, 2014

One in a series of candidate profile as we head into May 20 election  


Dorothy Sutton

Dorothy Sutton

Dorothy Sutton is a candidate for one of the two open seats on the School Committee.  She is originally from Mobile, Alabama, and graduated from Auburn University in Alabama with a Bachelor’s degree in marketing.  She also attended Boston University pursuing a Master’s in public health.

Sutton moved to Auburn, MA in 2011. She is a member of the Youth Commission, and was a co-organizer of the inaugural Rocket Road Race to benefit Auburn Youth and Family Services this past fall.

AMD: What do you feel qualifies you to be on the School Committee?

Sutton: I am not a politician.  I am a parent of an Auburn student and I want to be involved in the community.   I have a lot of years ahead of me in the Auburn Public Schools, and I want to have a positive impact.

AMD: What would you improve in our public schools?

Sutton: I think the biggest thing right now is Town unity.  There feels like this divide between the two sides of town.  I would want to focus on a smooth transition to the Swanson Rd. School as we move grades 3-5 into one building.

AMD: What do you feel is the biggest issue facing the School Committee?

Sutton: One of the first things will be hiring a new business manager.  There are over 25 applicants, so the interview and selection process will be important.  The other major thing is the realignment of the schools, and making sure the transition of grades 3-5 to a new building goes smoothly.  There will be a lot of integration details to address.  There are questions like who will hold what positions at which schools, how to divide classrooms, questions like that.

AMD: Do you have an opinion on the Common Core Initiative?

Sutton: There is a lot of debate about Common Core right now which is probably good.  I need to learn more about it, and I look forward to learning more about it.  I think what we need to ensure is that the students receive the best education possible and that teachers are comfortable with what they’re teaching.  I will say that Massachusetts has a strong education record.  So I know we’ll do the right thing by our students.

AMD: How would the Committee benefit from your presence?

Sutton: I am enthusiastic and dedicated to all the kids of Auburn.  I am not native, and I think that is a positive.  I don’t have a lot of preconceived ideas.  I am good at community organization and communication.  Auburn is a vibrant community and the School Committee members I have met have been friendly and receptive.  I think I would fit in well  and I can bring a fresh perspective to the Committee.