Boyce St. Snarled by Listing Truck

by | May 1, 2014

By John Anderson

Just in time for rush hour, a truck from EZ Disposal Service of Revere, Mass completely blocked Boyce St. as it prevented another truck from tipping over. A dumpster was on the steep front lawn of 124 Boyce St. for the last 5 or so months during a renovation project.

Why EZ Disposal Services attempted to remove the dumpster yesterday is unclear with a steady rain falling for most of the day. The MACK Truck sank into the lawn, and the vehicle began to list downhill towards Boyce St. Why a dumpster was positioned there in the first place is also a good question, although this steep parcel didn’t leave a lot of options. The office in Revere was closed when Auburn Mass Daily sought some answers. The second EZ Disposal truck was well placed and prevented a more complicated cleanup if the load had spilled onto Boyce St.

The slide show was taken around 6:00PM as recovery efforts were underway. Direnzo Recovering and Towing did an amazing job (as they always do) mitigating this emergency. The Millbury company looked at the options and determined that pulling the truck and dumpster onto Boyce St. was the best option.

According to neighbor Brian Dluznieski on Shirley St, “They hooked 1 tow truck in back and the other in front. They pulled it backwards onto Boyce St.” The event was over about 8:00PM although the dumpster truck had to be towed from the scene.

It’s nice to see that cool heads could prevent a scene from becoming a bigger problem.