Girls Serving up Tennis Wins

by | Apr 21, 2014

By John Anderson

April 8th was probably not the best day to stop in for a girls tennis match since Auburn was facing the superb Westborough team. All the matches went in the visitors’ favor, but the Rockets got some great experience, albeit a bit humbling.

The 8th did, however, start a busy eleven days for the rockets where they played six matches and netted four victories. In the end, the Auburn girls were 7-2 and 6-1 in SWCL.

On April 9th, Auburn topped Uxbridge 3-2 with Jeanelle Wheeler and Elizabeth Fazio earning singles victories. Micaela Almeida & Kayla Almstrom won in doubles.

On the 10th, the Rockets lost a tight match to Tantasqua where Fazio won in singles and Almeida & Almstrom won in doubles.

Things turned around big time for the next three matches. Auburn defeated David Prouty 5-0 on the 14th. Singles winners were Jeanelle Wheeler, Nathalie Khafaga, and Monika Mularski. Doubles winners were Almeida & Almstrom and Carolyn Jeffries & Allie Giaquinto.

Auburn defeated Shepherd Hill 4-1 on the 17th. Nathalie Khafaga and Monika Mularski won in singles while doubles victors were Elizabeth Fazio & Kayla Almstrom and Kaitlyn Chestna & Allie Giaquinto.

A 3-2 away victory against Leicester ended the 11 days. Single victories were clinched by Jeanelle Wheeler and Monika Mularski. Elizabeth Fazio & Kayla Almstrom won in doubles.