4th Grade Invents at Julia Bancroft

by | Apr 14, 2014

On Friday, April 4th, the fourth grade students at Julia Bancroft Elementary School held an Inventors Fair to display their creations. When young imaginations go to work, the results are both fascinating and entertaining.

The students had to enter their creation in one of five categories, and the winners were:

Most Practical for Adults:

1st       Nick Hunter

2nd    Kaitlyn Callahan

3rd     Emma Johnson

 Most Practical for Kids:

1st      Jared Skaparas

2nd    McKenzie Young

3rd     Gavin Dacri

 Most Practical for Pets:

1st      Anna Roycewicz

2nd    Jace Wetzel

3rd     Leah Olacio


1st      Eddy Bigwood

2nd    Olivia Morrow

3rd     Caroline Messina

 Simple Machines:

1st      Dan Flamand

2nd    Kylie Lambert

3rd     Keith Barber