Auburn Football Preps for Hudson High Thursday

by | Sep 12, 2013

Auburn and Hudson High Schools will have a little competition for fans’ attention this evening.  While the big spotlight is on the New England Patriots’ rare Thursday night home opener against nemesis New York Jets, local football fans will be treated to a warm-up, if you will.

Telegram Hometeam #5 -ranked Auburn meets up with #10 Hudson in what is Hudson High’s season and home opener.  With kickoff slated for 7pm, and Auburn noted for it’s power running game, fans just may be able to get home in time to catch the Pat’s kickoff.   Or maybe not.

Hudson’s offense is focused more on the passing game, especially with top running back Darnell Butler graduating.  Hudson QB Dan Mendes is known for his ability to scramble, but the remainder of Hudson’s ground game is a little bit of a question mark.

While Auburn graduated 21 of 22 starters from last season,  Hudson returns its entire offense from their 2012 campaign (5-7 ).   Mendes showed flashes of brilliance in the passing game last year, and has all of his formidable wide receiver corps returning.

Auburn has a headstart over Hudson with one game already under their belt – a 17-7 win versus Chicopee Comp last Friday night.  Chicopee also boasted a strong passing attack, though Auburn responded well and held the Colts to just the one touchdown.

Tonight’s game will be another test for the Rocket’s reloaded offense and defense. We’ll see if they can continue to pound the ball and contain opponents’ pass attacks.