Building New Interests at Auburn Middle School

by | Apr 4, 2014

By Madison Poshkus

The LEGO Robotics Club at Auburn Middle School is a new and positive way for students who are interested in engineering to spark their creative ability and “build” new friendships and ideas.

“The purpose and objective of the LEGO Robotics Club is to introduce students to real-world engineering challenges by building LEGO-based robots to complete tasks that real-life engineers face on a daily basis,” says Mr. Hauver, club director and Instructional Technology teacher at AMS. In the past, the club has completed many exciting projects such as designing robots that can actually carry objects and building automobiles that were designed to carry a certain weight.

While the Lego Robotics Club is definitely geared to people with an interest in building and creative design, the club has taken off in a way that Mr. Hauver could have never imagined. The membership as well as the skill set that the club members have developed over the course of the meetings is making him extremely proud and excited.

At AMS, there is a wide variety of afterschool clubs that certainly suit almost any interest a student may have. The LEGO Robotics club is certainly one of them, and while these budding engineers are only building with LEGO’s now, you can be sure that this club could be a stepping stone experience for a new generation of engineers that could very well change the world someday.