Comins Road Bridge Closed

by | Mar 31, 2014

By John Anderson

Like many Auburn drivers, I’ve followed Rochdale St. to Comins Rd. to get to Route 56 hundreds of times. Like many, I never knew there was a bridge there, but it won’t be for much longer. The bridge is closed until the end of the summer as reconstruction takes place.

When I stopped by the area on Friday, it looked like construction was close to starting: tubes of hay were in place; detour signs had been erected; a supply trailer was in the driveway to the old factory; and the port-a-potty was on level ground. By the time you read this story, the trucks and crews will probably be on site.

The French River looked more like a small brook, about three feet wide, but weekend rains probably changed that. The pavement above is showing its age and is actually collapsing under the guardrail on the south side.

The metal culverts under the road also look tired, and a constant stream of water flows through the top of one. This can’t be good since water is one of the principle causes of erosion.

Over the course of the summer, commuters who travel this route from Oxford, Leicester and other towns will have to find a new way to work. Since they end up going down West St. to Route 12, this exercise could be worthwhile since the new middle school is going to make West St. a tougher road in the future.