Burnt Pizza Cause for Alarm at Fairfield Inn

by | Mar 24, 2014

Fairfield InnEarly Sunday morning at 3:15 am the Auburn Fire Rescue Department responded for an activated fire alarm at the Fairfield Inn located at 718 A Southbridge St.

While enroute, crews were notified of a confirmed fire in the building by the manager on duty. Crews arrived to find a fire in a microwave oven caused by a piece of pizza.  The fire was quickly contained. The fire caused a moderate smoke condition on the first floor of the hotel as well as in a stairway.

The occupants of the hotel were evacuating the building as fire crews responded. The smoke was cleared by the fire rescue department using several fans. Fire officials on scene commented that the hotel staff and occupants did a great job evacuating the hotel once the alarms sounded.

Captain Eric Otterson who was in command of the incident said “This is why you should always familiarize yourself with the fire safety plan of a hotel. You never know when you will need to evacuate”.