Boy Scouts Seek Yard Sale Items

by | Mar 20, 2014

Auburn Boy Scout Troop 101 celebrates its 90th anniversary this year. As part of the ongoing fundraising for this active group of young men, they will hold their 12th annual yard sale on Saturday, May 24 (Memorial Day Weekend) at the Auburn Library. The yard sale helps fund scouting activities and equipment.

If you have usable camping equipment, furniture, collectibles, scout or sporting goods, old aquariums, antiques, books, games, children’s items or anything else suitable for a yard sale that you wish to contribute to us, please call Assistant Scoutmaster Mike 508-925-0408, Paul 508-832-7236 or Dan 508-864-1090 for a pickup.

Please, no clothes, televisions or computer monitors can be accepted. No junk either. Thank you very much for your contributions.