Auburn Mall Hosts Diaper Derby

by | Mar 11, 2014

By John Anderson

On Saturday, March 8th, the Auburn Mall held its Third Annual Diaper Derby. Contestants were poised on hands and knees at the starting gate for five preliminary races and a Grand Finale.

The first race only had a first and second place since 3 out of five entrants didn’t get close to the finish line. One took a couple of sharp turns and probably would have gone into Macy’s if not redirected.

The winners were:

First Race

1st – Harper Quates, Paxton

2nd – Joseph Hunt, Sutton


Second Race

1st – Hadliegh Bonci, Worcester

2nd – Dylan Li, Northborough

3rd – Lukaz Ucher, Auburn


Third Race

1st – Connor Lombard, Holden

2nd – Wyatt Kazaczka, Grafton

3rd – Riley Carter, Worcester


Fourth Race

1st – Juliana Felix, Webster

2nd – Sam Grenier, Charlton

3rd – Dakota Morrell


Fifth Race

1st – Joseph Nieves, Oxford

2nd – Rileigh Mame, Worcester

3rd – Braden Inla, Worcester


Grand Finale

1st – Hadleigh Bonci – Worcester

2nd – Joseph Nieves, Oxford

3rd – Connor Lombard, Holden

Words cannot really describe this event, so please have a look at the slide show.