Student Success Lauded at AMS

by | Mar 8, 2014

By John Anderson

The fourth annual “Student Success Night” (SSN) was held on Wednesday evening at Auburn Middle School. Principal Joe Gagnon explained, “The SSN is a culmination of three events: student exemplars in English Language Arts and Social Studies in the rooms and hallways of AMS; Family Math Night in the café; and our Grade 7 Science Fair in the two gyms.”

In all, 194 science projects were on display in three categories of Enviro-ethics. Winners were selected by a panel of area experts in education, environmental science, or other related fields.

Let’s open the envelope. And the winner is…..

Eco-Friendly Experiments:

First             Shannon Sampson           Salt vs. Environment

Second         Nicholas Bisciglia            L.E.D.’s vs. Incandescents

Third            Liam Stelmach                 Power of Friction

Fourth          Cori Leonard                    Bread Mold

Fifth             Sarah DeSimone              Apple Wars

Sixth            Tyler Lavallee                  Mommy Clean Up My Oil Spill


Green Inventions:

First             Alec Casasanta                 Snow B

Second         Sam Elwell                       Double the Turbine

Third            Ryan Henderson               Super Solar

Fourth          Gio Longo                        Weather-Powered Turbine

Fifth             Ally Anusauskas              Recyclable Soccer Ball

Sixth            Sheeza Chaudry               Got Plastic


Environmental Awareness:

First             Olivia Curnen                  Ground Breaking Issues: Fracking

Second         Rebecca Chamberland     No More Trashbags

Third            Emily Wambach              Keep Waterways Tangle Free

Fourth          Lily Tuthill                      Illegal Elephant Ivory Trade

Fifth             Zachary Turcotte              Water Bottle Recycling

Sixth            Cameron Carpenter          Who Touched the Thermostat?

Actually, all the students were winners. In a nutshell, the displays were well researched, creative, and interesting. It would have been a pleasure to thoroughly review each and every one.

The seventh graders are instructed by science teachers Pat Pezzella and Amy Berg.

Family Math Night entertained a decent number of parents and students. From board games to Ream Dominoes, guests kept busy and faced some fun challenges.

I must admit I never got beyond the Gym and Café. Next year I’ll have to explore the rest, and I can’t wait to see this event in a middle school with some actual parking.