School Committee Greets New Faculty

by | Sep 6, 2013

By John Anderson

At Wednesday’s School Committee meeting, 15 new faculty members were introduced along with 6 current employees who moved into different positions. Auburn High seniors Nicole Grabowski and Kyle Quitadamo were at the committee table for the first time as student representatives.

The new faculty members are:

Auburn High School:    

Kate Luby, Math

Andrew Martin, ELA

Auburn Middle School:    

Erika Bushe, Grade 7 ELA

Alicia Lapomardo, AMS Team Chair

Mike Lubin, Moderate Disabilities

Nora O’Brien, Spanish

Kerry Palumbo, Math II

Courtney Power, French

Pakachoag Elementary:

Michaela Almeida, Grade 5

Julie MacCormack, Grade 5

Liz Putelis, Intensive Special Needs

Julia Bancroft Elementary:   

Jamie Blatt, School Counselor

Jill Clough, Grade 3

Angela Powell, Grade 3

Bryn Mawr and Mary D. Stone:         

Maria Garrow, Music

Faculty transferred to a different position:

Kim Norris                 From Grade 5, PAK to fulltime School Counselor at PAK

Kellie Peterson            From Intensive Special Needs, Pak to Intensive Special Needs, BM

Krissi Forgues             From Grade 3, JB to Grade 5, JB

Marie Mahan               From Grade 6 Math to District-wide Math Coach

Kathy Capstick           From Math II, AMS to Grade 6 Math, AMS

Kristin Mayo               From Team Chair, AMS to School Psychologist for AMS/AHS

AMD.KoskiMr. Paul Kosky delivered the report from the Existing Building Subcommittee (EBS) of the Auburn School Building Committee. Prior to elaborating on the report, Mr. Kosky lauded the custodial and maintenance staff under the leadership of Joe Fahey. The EBS members were very impressed with the conditions of all the buildings given their age.

On August 20, the EBS voted to keep Pakachoag and Bryn Mawr schools open once the new middle school is built and the current middle school is repurposed to house all students in grades 3-5. The School Committee voted unanimously to accept the recommendations of the EBS and to keep Pakachoag and Bryn Mawr open. The future use or disposition of Julia Bancroft and Mary D. Stone schools was not discussed, and it is beyond the scope of the EBS to get into this matter.

The Auburn Public Schools are beginning work on a new Strategic Plan for the future of the district. A Design Team meeting will be held on October 2nd, and the Strategic Planning Day will be November 16th. 60-80 school and community representatives are expected to attend this event.

Dr. Brunelle met with Fire Chief Coleman and Police Chief Sluckis to review the Multi-Hazard Plans for the district as well as updated school specific plans. All parties signed on in support on August 21st.

All elementary schools have maintained a maximum class size of 25 pupils despite increases in student populations. AHS had an increase of 12 students, AMS gained 11, and Pakachoag saw 18 more students than last year. Julia Bancroft had 3 more, Mary D. Stone had 7, and Bryn Mawr had 4.

Busing is being monitored for the first few weeks to see if adjustments need to be made. Despite the May 1st deadline for bus passes, 253 were purchased late and incurred a $50 fee. 160 were actually purchased in August, which disrupts routes and planning already in place. Timely applications would have saved Auburn parents over $12,000.