Woman Found Unconscious Under Car at Mall

by | Feb 18, 2014

Fire and police work the scene

Fire and police work the scene at the Auburn Mall Tuesday evening.

Auburn Fire and Police responded to a call for a woman bleeding and unconscious under a car at the Auburn Mall. The call came in just after 4pm this afternoon.

The incident took place outside the mall entrance closest to the food court, near Macy’s Home, under the parking canopy. There was heavy police and fire presence remaining at the mall as of 9pm this evening.

A section of the parking area is blockaded with yellow tape and several cruisers.

Officials were in the process of removing a vehicle, which was towed to the Auburn police station.

Neither police on the scene or at the Auburn police headquarters were able to provide any additional information at this time.  An Auburn Mass Daily reporter was told that there may be information available tomorrow.

There has been no indication about the circumstances surrounding the woman’s injuries.  However, State Police were on scene as well.

The Auburn Mall management issued this statement:  “Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victim’s family and friends at this time. Auburn Mall is working closely with the Auburn Police Department in their investigation.”  They did not have any additional information that they could discuss, either.

The Auburn Mall was never in “lockdown”, although police are keeping civilians away from the entire area under the parking canopy nearest to Macy’s.

We will bring more information as we receive it.

Police tape and barricades surround the area of interest at the Auburn Mall.

Police tape and barricades surround the area of interest at the Auburn Mall.