Johnson Sworn In – First Assistant Chief for AFD

by | Feb 4, 2014

At a brief ceremony at Town Hall on Monday, Capt. Glenn Johnson was sworn in as the first Assistant Chief for Auburn’s Fire Rescue Department. The position provides a distinctive chain of command within the department, and will allow a second individual to be knowledgeable about the intricacies of running the organization.

When former Chief William Whynot had a heart attack on duty and was sidelined while recovering, then Deputy Chief Shephen Coleman was able to seamlessly transition into the Acting Chief role. Since Coleman’s appointment as Chief, there has been no second in charge.

Johnson said in addition to his shift commander role he expects to assist with the day-to-day operations of the department, work on the department budget, and attend meetings with or in the absence of the Chief. He said that having an Assistant Chief gives the department a succession plan. Johnson will serve as the Public Information Officer after completing upcoming training.

Chief Johnson is very active in the department and loves his job. He said, “I’m happy to learn underneath Chief Coleman. It’s a privilege to learn from someone with such a wealth of knowledge.”

As a Lieutenant and later as a Captain, Johnson has been in charge of Public Education and scheduling for full and part-time personnel. He also serves as the quartermaster for uniforms and protective clothing for his fellow firefighters and has been instrumental in developing the department’s web site as well as setting up Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Chief Roger Belhumeur appointed Johnson as a call firefighter in 1994, and he became full-time in July of 2000. Chief William Whynot promoted him to Lieutenant, and Chief Coleman promoted him to Captain. Prior to 1994, Johnson was a member of the Fire Explorer Post, and he received a business degree from UMASS/Dartmouth in 1998.

Chief Johnson lives in town with his wife Heather and their four children: Kaitlyn, age 13; Rebecca, age 11: Victoria, age 8; and Christian, age 5. All attend Auburn Public Schools.