AHS Has Strong Showing at SWCL Meet

by | Feb 3, 2014

By John Anderson

Last week’s Southern Worcester County League’s Indoor Track Meet was the final local competition for the season and the end of an era for SWCL Central. Shepherd Hill’s move to a Wachusett league in the fall is the right thing to do for this large, regional school.

The Rams topped both divisions, 98 points for their girls and 97 points for their boys. The Auburn girls earned 36 points which put them in 4th place. The boys amassed 86 points and were second. Coach Jason Bergman said, “We are very proud of our effort. We scored over 80 points which usually puts you in the driver’s seat. Not many years does the winner score over 95 points which the Hill did.

Scoring was against all the other teams in the meet, a total of 13 schools, and 1st place gets 10 points, 2nd place 8, 3rd place 6, 4th place 4, 5th place 2, and 6th place 1. Events where Auburn earned points are listed.


300 Meter Dash     Jamie McNamara             6th Place      1 Point

1000 Meter Run     Sarah Cavanaugh             4th Place      4 Points

2 Mile Run             Sarah Cavanaugh             3rd Place      6 Points

55 Meter Hurdles   Lauren Bolduc                 6th Place      1 Point

4×200 Mtr Relay    Auburn                             5th Place      2 Points

4×400 Mtr Relay    Auburn                             5th Place      2 Points

4×800 Mtr Relay    Auburn                             2nd Place     8 Points

High Jump             Nicole Plona                    5th Place      2 Points

Shot Put                 Jessica Pittman                 1st Place      10 Points

Total:                                                              4th Place     36 Points



300 Meter Dash     Scott Williams                 2nd Place     8 Points

Matthew Nelson             4th Place      4 Points

600 Meter Run       Kevin Foley-Foster          3rd Place      6 Points

1000 Meter Run     Colin Gallaway                4th Place      4 Points

1 Mile Run             Aiden Foley-Foster          2nd Place     8 Points

2 Mile Run             Thomas Gannon               3rd Place      6 Points

55 Meter Hurdles   Matthew Nelson               2nd Place     8 Points

4×200 Mtr Relay    Auburn                             2nd Place     8 Points

4×400 Mtr Relay    Auburn:                            1st Place      10 Points

Kyle Quitadamo, Aiden Foley-Foster
Kevin Foley-Foster, Jake Mikolajczyk

4×800 Mtr Relay    Auburn:                            1st Place      10 Points

Colin Gallaway, Dillon Mastrorio,
Matt Healy, Thomas Gannon

High Jump             Dominick Smreczak         3rd Place      6 Points

Shot Put                 Dillon Bruso                    2nd Place     8 Points

Total:                                                              2nd Place    86 Points

The Relays were obviously big for both the boys and girls. In the boys 4×800, Auburn topped Shepherd Hill by ¼ of a second. The 4×800 is not part of the regular season, but it will be important in the post-season.

Coach Bergman summed it up for the boys, “So all in all we had a great day. Credit is due to the Hill. They ran great. We just didn’t have enough to win the meet with all the other teams competing the same day.”

Bergman continued, “Either way, as a coach I couldn’t be happier with our finish this year. Our team is a premier team that won SWCL Central the last year it will exist. We beat the Hill in a dual meet for the first time in a very long time, and we had an undefeated regular season.”

He concluded, “Lastly, we are not planning on finishing anytime soon. These seniors refuse to give up, and they are ready for their next challenge at the Division II, District E Championship.” The Championship will be held at Fitchburg High School, Saturday, February 8th, 9AM.