Rep. Frost Has $500K for Auburn Included in Transportation Bill

by | Jan 31, 2014

Votes for Bill that includes $300 Million for Repair of Local Roads for all Cities and Towns

Boston, MA – State Representative Paul K. Frost (R-Auburn) announces he was successful in having $500,000 included in the Transportation Bond Bill for the improvement of Drury Square in Auburn during the House’s Wednesday, January 29, 2014 session.  Frost also voted for the legislation, H.3860, a bill Financing Improvements to the Commonwealth’s Transportation System, also referred to as the Transportation Bond Bill.

The Transportation Bond Bill authorizes the current Governor and the next administration to borrow money for the purpose of funding transportation projects throughout the state over a period of five years.  Included in the bill was $300 million to cities and towns for Chapter 90 funds to help communities repair and maintain local roads and bridges for the upcoming construction season. The House passed the $12 billion investment into transportation projects on January 29, 2014.

Frost commented, “This is an important bill to improve our roads and bridges in our state and at the local level.  I’m pleased to have supported a bill that will once again seek to invest in our local roads through Chapter 90 Funds. I hope the Governor will authorize the full amount this time, unlike what he did last year when he short changed all of our cities and towns.”

Frost continued, “I am also pleased to have been successful in having several local initiatives for the district included in this bill, including the $500,000 towards improvements of Drury Square in Auburn.  This is a first step in a long process. By putting in these local initiatives it puts them in play for future consideration; like a place holder for borrowing and funding by the state in the next five years.”

The 5 year bond bill will now move to the State Senate for their amendments and adoption before both the House and Senate work out a compromised final version to send to the Governor’s desk.  Any amendments will still need to be included in the final version of the bill and eventually authorized for borrowing by the state if the health of the Commonwealth’s economy allows over the next 5 years.