Moore Calls on Congress to Increase Transit Tax Credit

by | Jan 26, 2014

BOSTON- On January 22nd, Senator Michael O. Moore (D-Millbury) wrote to United States Senators Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey and United States Jim McGovern urging them to work to reinstate cuts made to the federal transit tax credit on January 1, 2014.

“Aside from its impact on the environment, the cuts in the federal transit tax credit will also have a significant financial impact,” Senator Moore said. “While commuters in Boston will most likely not see a change, commuters in my district, the Second Worcester District, who could pay as much as $314 a month for public transportation, will be given a greater burden.”

On January 1st, Congress cut the federal transit tax credit by forty-five percent, from $240 a month to $130 a month. With the federal transit tax credit, commuters are able to use pre-tax earnings to pay for parking and for modes of public transportation, such as trains and buses.