Boys Hoops Lose Nail Biter to Bartlett

by | Jan 29, 2014


DJ Scavone looks up from the floor after preventing a Givins-Perry basket. The ball ended up in the hands of #30 Neil Flanagan who made the winning shot for Bartlett. AHS students react with shock. © John R. Anderson

By John Anderson

By the end of Monday night, the Indians had their 10th boys basketball win and the Rockets had their 4th loss. According to Coach Andy Niedzwiecki, his team “prepared for Bartlett’s game”, but the Indians executed better by putting intense pressure on guard Mike Thomas and forward DJ Scavone.

In the end, Scavone only recorded 13 points, and Thomas had none. The Rockets were down 31-27 at the half, and it took until 2:20 in the third quarter for them to regain a brief lead, 37-35.

At 4:27 in the fourth, Auburn secured a 48-41 lead after back-to-back baskets by Mike Jankowski and Ryan Kozlowski, but the Indians rallied to tie the game with 37.9 seconds left.

The clock stopped at 11.1 when a misplayed Auburn pass went out of bounds and Bartlett got one more chance. An initial drive by Alex Givens-Perry was thwarted by DJ Scavone, but the lose ball was secured by Neil Flanagan who scored the game winning basket.

The Rockets couldn’t convert a field goal in the remaining seconds, and this very well matched game ended in the visitor’s favor, 50-48.

In addition to Scavone’s 13 points, Jankowski had 12, and Adam Gustafson had 11 including one 3. Coach Niedzwiecki remarked that “Adam played very well.”

Conor Scully scored two 3-pointers, and Ryan Kozlowski had 5 points. The coach was pleased with what he got from the bench but still felt, “We are not as tough as we need to be.”