Strong Regular Season for Indoor Track

by | Jan 27, 2014

By John Anderson

At Wednesday’s Dual Meet #6 – West, Auburn faced the only other schools in SWCL Central, Shepherd Hill and Tantasqua Regionl. The boys prevailed in both meets while the girls beat Tantaqua but lost to the Hill.

The boys scored 47.5-38.5 against Shepherd Hill and 56-30 against Tantasqua. They end their regular season 15-0. The girls beat Tantasqua 64-22 but fell to Shepherd Hill 46-40. The Lady Rockets finished 13-2-1. The tie was against Notre Dame in Worcester which has an outstanding track program and ended the season 12-0-1.

After the meet, Head Coach Jason Bergman said, “This year I feel like we have really established a true family team feeling amongst us all. They all cheer for each other, support each other and are friends with each other. This is the smallest team in 5 years, yet the most competitive team in 5 years with the biggest hearts. They represent Auburn wonderfully.”

Bergman added, “This is a huge effort from captains Jake Mikolajczyk, Matt Nelson and Kyle Quitadamo along with our superb coaching staff in Ryan Belsito, Patrick Armstrong, Karyn Ferdella, Tom Adams and Steve Quitadamo.

The overall results from the meet up to 10th place are as follows:

Girls (# participants):

55 Meter Dash (23)          Jamie McNamara             2nd

Kathryn Coughlin            3rd (2-way tie)

Jessica Powers                 10th

300 Meter Dash (20)        Jamie McNamara             2nd (2-way tie)

Kathryn Coughlin            2nd (2-way tie)

600 Meter Run (22)         Lauren Ferris                    2nd

Abby Baer                        4th

Megan Bean                     10th

1000 Meter Run (16)       Sarah Cavanaugh             3rd

Megan Gurlitz                  5th

Mary Grace Judge            7th

1 Mile Run (19)               Andrea Bolduc                 4th

Samantha Boucher           7th

2 Mile Run (6)                 Sarah Cavanaugh             2nd

Elise Cavanaugh              6th

55 Meter Hurdles (17)      Lauren Bolduc                 2nd

Serena Kelly                     10th

4×200 Meter Relay (4)     Auburn                             3rd

High Jump (17)                Nicole Plona                    3rd

Andrea Bolduc                 7th

Lauren Bolduc                 8th (3-way tie)

Shot Put (17)                    Jessica Pittman                 1st

Jaimee Martin                  2nd

Nicole Plona                    5th


55 Meter Dash (25)          Jake Mikolajczyk             2nd

Thomas Anderson            3rd (3-way tie)

300 Meter Dash (21)        Scott Williams                 1st

Matthew Nelson               3rd

Kevin Foley-Foster          5th

Chris Bernier                    6th

600 Meter Run (26)         Jake Mikolajczyk             4th

Dillon Mastrorio              8th

1000 Meter Run (22)       Colin Gallaway                2nd

Matt Healey                     8th

1 Mile Run (28)               Aiden Foley-Foster          1st

Kyle Quitadamo               4th

Thomas Gleason              10th

2 Mile Run (17)               Thomas Gannon               2nd

Matt Healey                     4th

55 Meter Hurdles (22)      Matthew Nelson               2nd

Dominick Smreczak         9th (2-way tie)

4×200 Meter Relay (6)     Auburn                             1st

High Jump (22)                Dominick Smreczak         2nd

Thomas Gannon               8th (2-way tie)

Shot Put (24)                    Dillon Bruso                    1st

Zachary Randall               3rd

The team roster submitted at the beginning of the season had 81 student athletes listed. The above winners are only a fraction of the roster, but their success is why the entire team is out there practicing and striving to be the best on a daily basis.

Great job, and good luck in SWCL, Districts, and States.