Sledding is “Hot” When School’s Closed

by | Jan 21, 2014

By John Anderson

I am confident that every single Auburn student has been educated about the significance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, but no school means no school!

Yesterday, there were no alarm clocks (I mean iPhones) going off in children’s bedrooms. Parents weren’t calling their children down for breakfast, and children weren’t searching for matching socks in the pile of clean clothes they didn’t put away.

After watching the Auburn girls win their second hockey game of the season, I observed a lot of activity on the hill next to Horgan Arena’s parking lot.

I drove to Rocketland to see things from the downhill perspective. It was a chilly late morning, but the wind was calm. The sun occasionally peeked through, but it certainly didn’t provide any warmth. 

Children and parents were dressed for the weather, and they didn’t seem to mind, at least for a dozen or so runs “down the mountain.”

It looks like a good chance that students will get another chance to hone their sledding skills on Wednesday, as a winter storm warning has been issued for the region. Forecasts are calling for anywhere from 2-8″ of snow.