New Contract Keeps Jacobson as Manager

by | Jan 17, 2014

“I love this job and I love Auburn”

By John Anderson

During Monday’s Selectmen’s meeting, Town Manager Julie Jacobson was reappointed to a three-year term and presented with a five-year contract. By a 3-1 vote, Selectmen Doreen Goodrich, Robert Grossman and Ken Holstrom passed the motion while Steve Simonian dissented. Denise Brotherton missed the meeting due to illness.

Simonian claimed the town charter restricted the board to a three year contract and he also felt the board policy on contacting legal counsel was violated when Chairman Goodrich contacted attorney Demitrios Moschos.

The charter does, in fact, limit the appointment to 3 years, but there is no mention of contract duration. Former town administrator Charles O’Connor also had a five-year contract. Moschos, the town’s labor counsel, had to be brought in to assure an accurate and legal contract.

After the vote, the contract was presented by Moschos, and all concerned parties signed. Ms. Jacobson will receive $140,000 next year, a $10,300 or 8% increase from the current year which ends January 31st. The event drew a standing ovation from the audience.

Ms. Jacobson recognized her department heads for their efforts over the last three years and thanked all town employees for their contributions to Auburn’s success.

She singled out Assistant Town Manager and Chief Financial Officer Edward Kazanovicz, Police Chief Andrew Sluckis, Jr., Fire Chief Stephen Coleman, Emergency Management Director Roger Belhumeur, DPW Director William Coyle Sr., IT Director Bill Waterman, and Development & Inspectional Services Director Adam Burney. Jacobson credits these people with facilitating the changes that have occurred over the last three years.

Jacobson concluded her remarks by saying, “I am honored and humbled to work in this capacity.”

Watch for the editorial “What makes a Town Manager?” later this week.