Two Auburn Wins vs. Leicester Basketball

by | Jan 10, 2014

By John Anderson

The boys defeated Leicester 50-47 in an away game Wednesday night while the girls won 54-37 on their home court. The boys ended the first half with a three-point lead, 21-18. In the second, both teams racked up 29 points, but the Wolverines’ best efforts couldn’t put them ahead in the end.

Mike Thomas led the Rockets with 22 points including three from the outside. DJ Scavone contributed 18 of his own. Leicester had an impressive eight 3-pointers during the game, 5 by Jake Ryan and 3 by Blake McNamara.

The girls faced a much less challenging game at home as the Wolverines only put up 11 points in the first half while the Rockets had 27. Auburn stayed about 20 points ahead for most of the second, and the bench saw a lot of playing time.

In the fourth quarter, Coach Ellen Kaschuluk had no starters on the court for several minutes, and the Wolverines narrowed the gap to 16. Several turnovers allowed to Leicester to gain a bit of momentum, but they were in an inescapable hole.

With seconds to go Laura Quink dropped her second three of the night and Leicester had 37. Rachael Meyers led the Wolverines with 15 points, and Emily Sarkisian led the Rockets with 10. Amber Abderrazzaq, Erin Burke, and Nathalie Khafaga each had 8.

The girls play away tonight at Shepherd Hill while the boys play the Rams at home.