Senate Passes Work and Family Mobility Act

by | May 13, 2022

The Massachusetts State Senate on Thursday passed An Act Relative to Work and Family Mobility. The Work and Family Mobility Act would allow Massachusetts residents who lack federal immigration status to apply for a Massachusetts standard driver’s license, which does not include a REAL ID. The bill passed with a veto proof majority.

“After receiving overwhelming support from constituents and an endorsement by the Massachusetts Major Cities Chiefs of Police Association, I voted in favor of legislation to make Massachusetts the 17th state to provide a license category for undocumented immigrants who live in our communities. This will ensure everyone driving on our roads has the proper training and insurance qualifications to improve road safety and limit unnecessary expenses. I also supported several amendments enhancing identification requirements, information sharing and voting restrictions. While not all were adopted, I am confident that strict standards will be maintained through new regulations and enforcement mechanisms included in the bill,” said Senator Moore.

The bill has received widespread support from members of the law enforcement community, advocacy groups, and members of the immigrant community. The bill was also supported by the Massachusetts District Attorney’s Association. It proposes strict identity documentation criteria, asking for applicants to present two valid, unexpired identity documents. It makes no change to existing law requiring that all driver’s license applicants prove that they live in the Commonwealth. The bill passed by the Senate is nearly identical to the version that previously passed the House of Representatives earlier this year.

A version of this legislation having previously passed in the Massachusetts House of Representatives, the legislation moves back to the House for further consideration.