First real blast of winter to hit area Saturday

by | Jan 28, 2022

So, this is probably not news to most of you, as the TV stations have been busy hyping this storm for over a week already. We’ll keep it short: it’s going to snow. When, where, and how much is listed below. Also, the Town has published some storm-related information including numbers to call in a gas or electric emergency. Good info to keep handy.

This should be a very light fluffy snow. Easy to move, but lots of blowing and drifting. Since it’s expected to hit mostly on Saturday, it shold be less disruptive than a weekday storm; get shoveled out, let DPW do their thing, then get out and enjoy. What else can we do?

Okay onto the boring stuff:

The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm watch from Friday night, January 28th through Saturday evening, January 29th.   This watch currently applies to parts of Barnstable, Bristol, Dukes, Essex, Middlesex, Norfolk, Plymouth and Suffolk Counties. The alert also covers all of Rhode Island. This coastal storm could bring heavy snow and strong winds.  If the track of the storm changes it could have a greater impact on Central Massachusetts.

Depending on the track of the storm and its intensity, there could be a potential for downed trees and wires which could result in power outages.  The following information is provided to help Auburn residents should there be utility outages.

  • If you need to contact the police department, fire department or DPW during the storm and it is not an emergency, call 508-832-7777. For emergency assistance, dial 911.
  • To report a power outage and emergency to NGRid, call 1-800-465-1212. For non-emergencies, electric customers can contact NGrid Customer Service at 1.800.322.3223. Gas customers can call 1.800.640.1595. Outages can also be reported on-line at   Visit National Grid’s web site at to see up-to-date power outage maps.
  • To report a cable outage, visit Spectrum (formerly Charter) Storm Center on-line at  To be notified when the outage is over, call (833) 267-6094, ask “Am I in an outage?” and then request a callback. You can also receive outage alerts by signing up for service notifications.
  • If you lose power and use a generator, please remember to keep it outside, well away from your home or garage. For additional safety information, visit the Fire Department web site at
  • Fire Hydrants. There are 525 fire hydrants in Auburn.  The Fire Department is asking residents to assist by keeping the fire hydrants near their homes clear of snow to facilitate access in an emergency.
  • CodeRED, the Town’s emergency notification system, will be used if needed to provide emergency updates as needed throughout the storm.   If you have not already done so, we urge you to sign up for CodeRED immediately.  Auburn residents and Auburn businesses may do so by logging onto the Town’s web site at and clicking on the CodeRED logo.  While many land line numbers were entered into the system through CodeRED’s database, residents and businesses must register additional contact information such as cell phones, email addresses, and alternate telephone numbers such as relatives or place of work.  Even if you think your land line is in the system, the only way to be sure that the correct phone number is listed is to go to the web site and physically enter your information.  Subscribers can enter as many phone numbers, both land line and cell phone, as well as email addresses, as they wish but note that you will have to enter the information on new forms if you submit more than 2 numbers at a time. Please remember that community messages and National Weather Service weather warnings are optional.  If you do not want to receive these non-emergency messages, do not check those boxes. 

Please take necessary precautions during the storm and make every effort to stay off of the roads so DPW can conduct road clearing operations.