Frost Announces SAFE Program Grants for Auburn

by | Dec 27, 2013

BOSTON – Representative Frost (R-Auburn) announced that the Town of Auburn has been awarded a Student Awareness of Fire Education (SAFE) grant and a Senior SAFE grant.  The SAFE Program was created nineteen years ago.  Since then, the average annual child death has been reduced by 70%.  Today, seniors are the most vulnerable population at risk for fire related deaths.  Due to increased funding in the Fiscal Year 14 budget, the SAFE Program is able to offer funds to local communities.  The Senior SAFE Program is aimed at educating seniors on fire prevention and safety.

Rep. Frost said, “These grants go a long way for making our community safer.  The SAFE  grant program continues to show great value in helping our children and seniors avoid fire dangers and educate them on what to do in emergencies.”

The Town of Auburn will receive $4,686 for the Student Awareness of Fire Education Program (SAFE) and $3,018 for the Senior SAFE Program.