Auburn Historical Museum collecting information on notable people from Auburn

by | Aug 3, 2021

The Auburn Historical Museum is collecting information on notable people from Auburn. We are looking for anyone who ran a business, worked on a farm, taught school, managed a family while holding down a job or wrote a book. Maybe you starred in a middle school play or sold Girl Scout cookies. Have you a relative who was a blacksmith, or a shoemaker or a housewife in the last century?

We are collecting stories about the people of Auburn, what they did, what they accomplished and how they managed during difficult times. Or great times, or any times! In short, we want to compile a theme book on what people in Auburn have done.

It doesn’t have to be anything incredible, like being the CEO of IBM, or a famous movie star, or a professional baseball player, or the author of a popular book. (Though all of those things have been done by people raised in Auburn.) It can be a story about getting home through a blizzard, raising 12 children while managing a farm, being a shoemaker and a selectman at the same time. Maybe you are a gifted photographer and want to share your photos with us. Have you written a poem, or found a diary your grandmother kept? These are all part of Auburn’s history and need to be shared and preserved.

Please help us compile our book by sharing your stories, and your family stories. Come by the museum any Tuesday or Saturday between 9:30 and 12:30, or email us at