The Twig Family in the Oak Tree: A Puppet Show

by | Jul 20, 2021

Puppeteer and National Award Winner Deborah Costine uses highly engaging puppetry to teach about nature and tolerance.  “The Twig Family in the Oak Tree” is a happy gentle story about a family of imaginary “twig” people who live in harmony with nature. They are Leaf, Fern, and their daughter Mossy. The Oak Tree provides them with everything they need to live and be happy.
It is their home: They grind the acorns into dough for bread, they collect rainwater to drink, and the leaves give them oxygen for fresh air. AND it’s a fun place to live! What a surprise when they receive a visit from a very nervous “cousin Lawn” who is determined that they should leave their home! The stage is constructed entirely of papier mache’. The Twig Family people are free-standing “puppets” that are moved around the different places in the tree just as a child plays and creates stories. The “Tree Stage” is approximately 7 feet tall.

WHEN: Friday July 23rd 2:00 – 3:00pm

WHERE: Auburn Public Library | 369 Southbridge St., Auburn  |  Merriam Room

REGISTER: Register Online  |  Visit the Library and ask for ‘Program Registration’  | Call the Library 508-832-7790 and ask for ‘Program Registration’