SocialBee helps small businesses navigate social media

by | Jun 22, 2021

Life-long friends Nathan Ramos and Nick Hamelin found themselves in a place where many entrepreneurs start; facing a problem that begs for a solution. Hamelin had some experience starting a business – he had co-founded Baseball Essential – a Major League Baseball credentialed network – and Ramos was a recent graduate from Western New England University. Both landed back in the Auburn area, and both were looking for their next adventure. Social Bee Marketing was born.

“Social Bee helps small businesses to build a presence on social media” says Ramos. “People know they need it, but they don’t have the time or understanding to make it work.”

Ramos says that he and Hamelin aim to take the pain out of the process for small local businesses. their goal is to provide affordable, sensible social media management.

“Our services are tailored to the customer” says Ramos. “Some clients just need some consultation on strategy or maybe some page ‘cleanup’, and other clients need a more turnkey approach” he adds.

Social Bee offers both. For clients willing to invest the time and effort to manage their own social media, Social Bee will work with business owners to develop and perfect their branding as well as to optimize their social media presence. For those who prefer a more hands-off approach, Ramos says his firm can offer full profile management.

One of the more challenging aspects of a business’ online presence is keeping their content interesting, relevant and current. Social Bee can fill this need as well.

“We can do media, editing, digital graphics, branding, and even promotion-specific content for clients” says Ramos.  “The content is important because it allows the business owners to keep in touch with their customers, and also frees up their time to actually run the business.”

When engaging a client, Ramos says staying flexible is the key.

Nathan Ramos (left) and Nick Hamelin, founders of SocialBee [courtesy photo]

“We try to fill every branding need a small business might have. It can be a logo design, digital files, decals or other kinds of graphics” says Ramos. “The main focus is on the branding consistency. We want to help business owners show off their business online as well as they do in person by adding creative content and social media optimization. This is the tough part that we can help with because they lack the time and creativity.”

According to Ramos, when it comes to social media, Facebook is still king despite the negative publicity in recent months.

“Facebook has the most users by far. It’s the most flexible platform, really” says Ramos. “With the ability to create groups, pages and communities, it [Facebook] gives businesses the best opportunity to connect and engage customers.”

In spite of the pandemic, Ramos and Hamelin are finding some early success. Small businesses are still marketing, in spite of a lagging economy.

“Yeah, we’re not seeing reluctance from clients. Most customers have been receptive to talking to us, and we’ve signed on several already” says Ramos.

If your business is interested in learning more, SocialBee Marketing can be found on the web at, or on Instagram and Facebook @socialbeemktg.