Senator Moore files legislation to establish a Cybersecurity Control and Review Commission

by | Feb 8, 2021

Senator Moore has filed SD. 399, An Act Establishing a Cybersecurity Control and Review Commission. Protecting and enhancing the cybersecurity systems in the Commonwealth remains a high priority for the Senator.

Hacking and other forms of cyberattacks are an ever-growing threat to Massachusetts and the nation as a whole. Evidence of this can be seen by the continued attempts by outside actors to influence elections in the United States via cyberattacks.

Additionally, according to Risked Based Security, a global leader in vulnerability intelligence, breach data and risk ratings, there were 3,932 publicly recorded instances of data breaches in 2020. They expect this number to rise by 5 to 10 percent as 2020 incidents continue to be reported in 2021, which would result in 2020 having the most instances of data breaches since 2015.

“Addressing our cybersecurity and making sure we are prepared to deal with any threats has only become more important with each passing year,” said Senator Michael Moore (D-Millbury). “This legislation will help make sure that we have a sufficient approach to dealing with potential cyberattacks, in both the public and private sector.”

The legislation itself will create a standing body to advise the Commonwealth on issues related to cybersecurity. The Commission itself will be composed of general cybersecurity experts, specific issue experts and legislative officials. The Commission will be chaired by the Secretary of Technology Safety and Security, or his designee.

The purpose of this Commission will be to recommend cybersecurity standards for state and local agencies that collect sensitive information, as well as private business contracting with the Commonwealth. The Commission will also establish a voluntary cybersecurity accreditation for private businesses in the Commonwealth to encourage good practices by both businesses and consumers.