Town of Auburn Covid Update: Vaccine Clinics

by | Jan 29, 2021

Community Message Regarding Covid-19 Vaccines From Town Manager Julie Jacobson

The following message was distributed but the Town of Auburn on Thursday, January 28 2021. We are reprinting the message in its entirety

This message is to provide Auburn residents with an update on Covid-19 vaccinations. We want to assure the community that town  administration and the Board of Health have been working diligently to plan for and seek State approvals to operate a vaccine clinic  in Auburn for our residents. Our goal is to administer Covid vaccines for Auburn residents as the vaccine supply becomes available  to the Auburn Board of Health for distribution. We have been approved to operate vaccine clinics in Auburn for Auburn residents as  vaccine supply becomes available to us. Once we receive vaccine supplies, we are prepared to administer vaccinations in a clinic  which will be set up at one of our municipal buildings. The location of the Auburn clinic will be determined based on the amount of  vaccines we are provided by the State. The Senior Center will be used to host smaller clinics while Auburn High School may be used  to accommodate larger clinics. We will keep the residents apprised on the dates and location of each clinic as the amount of vaccine  becomes known to us. 

Currently, the supply chain for the vaccine is limited, although we hope this will change soon. At this point, the State is working on  getting large venue, mass vaccine distribution sites, so-called super sites, across the State. These State super sites will handle a high  volume of people. The State will distribute smaller amounts of vaccine to local Boards of Health as it is available. The Town of  Auburn will offer smaller clinic sites and focus on our community vaccination efforts. Auburn’s Board of Health is fully prepared and  committed to distributing the vaccines as soon as we receive them. However, since we do not know when or how much vaccine we  will receive for distribution, we strongly encourage residents who are eligible to receive the vaccine to visit the State’s website at to register for one of the mass distribution sites. PLEASE NOTE: This website should be used ONLY by  prioritized individuals in Phase 1 and activated groups of Phase 2. You will be asked for identification. If you are eligible to receive  the vaccine at a mass distribution site or other designated site in the State that has vaccine supply, we encourage you to do so as  these sites will likely have vaccines before the Auburn Board of Health. Learn where you will fit into the COVID-19 vaccine  distribution timeline on the State’s website at .  

In preparation for operating vaccine clinics here in Auburn, we are in the process of setting up this online system for interested  Auburn residents to sign up and be notified if and when we receive vaccine. This online system will be available tomorrow, January  29, 2021. If you do not have access to a computer, you can call our Auburn CARES Hotline at 508.832.CARE (508-832.2273) during  normal business hours. We will take your information and input it into the list. If you are able to get vaccinated at another  vaccination site, we encourage you to do so. 

Please note that having your name on this list does not guarantee that you will be eligible for or able to receive a vaccine here in  Auburn. We can only provide vaccinations based on the amount of vaccine we are provided. Once we receive a supply of vaccine,  we will outreach to those eligible under the current phase. Our focus right now is on the next phase, which is Phase 2, Step 1: Seniors aged 75 and older. We will focus on additional steps and phases in accordance with the State’s Plan and as vaccine becomes  available.  

It is important to note that the State’s on-line registration system is different than the system that the Town of Auburn Board of  Health will use to manage its vaccine clinics. As vaccine becomes available to us and as residents become eligible, they will be able  to register on the Town’s on-line system. At that time, we will help any resident in need of assistance to register for the Town’s  clinics.  

If you have any questions, please call our Auburn CARES Hotline at 508.832.CARE (508-832.2273) during normal business hours or  call the Board of Health at 508.832.7703.  

We recognize this is a very stressful time with much uncertainty and anxiety regarding the vaccine and the process to receive it.  Please know that town administration is focused on this effort and we will share details as they become available. 

Warm Regards,

Julie A. Jacobson

Town Manager