Rep. Frost Details Launch of Next Vaccination Phase

by | Jan 26, 2021

BOSTON – Representative Paul K. Frost (R-Auburn) is encouraging residents to verify their eligibility for the next round of vaccinations, as the Baker-Polito Administration announces the expansion of COVID-19 vaccination sites and an update to Phase Two of the Commonwealth’s distribution plan.

Under the newly-revised plan individuals 75 and older will be the first priority group, followed by individuals 65 and over, of Phase Two, which begins on February 1st, 2021. Those 75 and older can register online starting Wednesday, January 27 at for February 1 or later.

Consistent with guidance provided by the CDC, individuals 65 and older will now be in the second priority group, along with individuals with 2 or more comorbidities. The exact date this group can register online will depend on the vaccine supply from the federal government.

The order of Phase Two will now be:

  • Individuals 75+
  • All individuals 65+, or with 2+ comorbidities
  • Early education and K-12 workers, transit, utility, food and agriculture, sanitation, public works, public health workers
  • Individuals with one comorbidity.

Those who were included in Phase One – all health care workers, residents and staff of long term or congregate care facilities, home health care workers and non-COVID-facing health care workers, and first responders – are currently eligible for vaccinations.

This update aligns with the increasing number of locations where the vaccine can soon be obtained. Beyond the mass vaccination sites at Gillette Stadium and Fenway Park, the COVID-19 Response Command Center has been working with health care providers, local officials, pharmacies, and other entities to establish new public sites in every region. By the end of February, the Commonwealth will have the capacity to administer over 300,000 doses per week.

An important distinction must be made, however, in that the capacity to administer the vaccine is not the same as the number of shots available; Massachusetts’ planned capacity is significantly more than the allotment arriving from the federal government in the coming weeks. The state is prepared to quickly scale up operations should the supply provided increase.

Frost said, “Unlike many other states, Massachusetts prioritized long-term care facilities’ residents/patients, medical staffers, first-responders and home healthcare workers with the limited supply of vaccines received federally. Now Massachusetts will start vaccinating much larger groups of people, including our senior citizens and those with significant health conditions who are at greater risk from COVID-19. Both the appointments and additional sites will be dependent on the consistent distribution of the vaccines from the federal government. I’m very hopeful we are nearing the beginning of the end for this virus, and the terrible impact it has had on people and our economy.”

To learn more about how to get vaccinated, Representative Frost urges residents to visit the Commonwealth’s website:

Find what phase and priority group you are in: as detailed on

If you are eligible, find a vaccine clinic in your area using

Make an appointment online, and fill out the attestation form.

The Baker-Polito Administration anticipates 165 sites across the state will be administering the vaccine by mid-February. Further developments on the timing and availability for other priority groups depends on action by the federal government.

For all of the latest updates about COVID-19 in Massachusetts, please continue to monitor the information offered by the Department of Public Health found at: