Town Clerk announces early voting by mail

by | Apr 21, 2020

All municipal elections being held before June 30, 2020 will be able to Vote Early by mail.  Early voting can be done only by mail.  Voters will need to fill out an Early Voting application first once received; a ballot will be mailed to them.  Early voting by mail can be done anytime between now and noon on the day before the election of May 19, 2020.  Although absentee voting will still be available for registered voters who qualify, only those who will be absent from their city or town on Election Day, or have a disability that prevents them from going to the polls, or have a religious belief preventing the same, are legally allowed to vote by absentee ballot.

To be eligible to vote in the Annual Town Election, May 19, 2020, you must register to vote or make any necessary changes to your voter registration by April 29, 2020.  If they want to check if they are registered to vote they can or find information on how to register to vote, they can visit the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s website:    all you need is a license or an I.D. issued by the Registry of Motor Vehicles to apply online.

Early voting can be done by mail for municipal elections this year only.

Simply call and ask for an application to be mailed or download the application fill it out, sign and mail or scan back to  link for the application:   please note, however, once a voter has cast an early voting ballot, the voter may no longer vote at the polls on Election Day.

Both absentee and early voting ballots must be returned by the close of polls on Election Day.  For more information or questions call the town clerk’s office at 508-832-7701