State Representative Paul Frost announces the Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance is hosting a series of Virtual Town Halls to help anyone seeking to make a claim for unemployment assistance. The first Virtual Town Hall will take place this Monday, March 23 at 9 am. 
For those interested in participating or learning more can visit In order to participate in the live Virtual Town Meeting, the individual must register online. 
The link will also provide replays of completed meetings (after Monday’s is completed) and one can download a step by step instructional if they prefer.
Rep. Frost’s office has also received many questions and concerns regarding self-employed / 1099 contractors who have been hit hard due to COVID-19 in regards to unemployment assistance. In order for people in this category to be eligible the federal government needs to make a disaster unemployment declaration in Massachusetts or the nation. The Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance is ready to offer help should such a declaration happen.