‘Beak Adaptations’ bird program rescheduled to Tuesday 12/31

by | Dec 28, 2019

What do birds use their beaks for? Why do different birds have different beaks?

This program educates children about the many different kinds of bird beaks and how birds use them. Which ones make it easier to pick up food? Build a nest? Go fishing? 

Stories and the interactive educational component will be followed by a fun activity whereby children will use different kinds of ‘tools (straws, tweezers, etc.) to see which kinds of food are easy to pick up and which ones are not. A craft will also be included after the activity, for children who want to make a bird beak mask.

When: Monday, Dec. 30  |  11AM – 11:45AM 

Where: Auburn Public Library  |  Merriam Room |  369 Southbridge St., Auburn

RegisterOnline  | Visit the Library  |  Call (508) 832-7790