License Renewals Raise Concern

by | Dec 11, 2013


By John Anderson

During Monday’s Selectmen’s meeting, several agenda items involved business and liquor licenses in town. The Board of Selectmen is the sole licensing authority in Auburn, and they must approve all new licenses, modifications of existing licenses as well as annual renewals.

At 7:05pm, a public hearing was held for Firestone Complete Auto Care on Southbridge St. At some point, their auto repair license lapsed and they applied for a new one. The application was approved. A second hearing for Norman Baker Auto Sales was held, and a used car lot was approved at 496 Washington St. Auburn’s Development Coordinating Group expressed no concerns with either application.


Town Planner Adam Burney addresses the Board Of Selectmen.

27 Auburn businesses applied to renew liquor licenses, and Adam Burney, Director of Development & Inspectional Services, spoke about two. During their annual inspection, a secondary egress issue was identified at the Century Sportsman’s Club. Mr. Burney said they have pulled a building permit and are taking corrective action. The board asked that a representative from the club attend the next meeting and give them an update.

Major League Roast Beef also had inspectional issues with the fire suppression system in the cooking hood and all fire extinguishers were out of date with servicing. Fire Chief Steve Coleman said these were not big repairs and could be done in less than a week. He suggested a two week window for correction. The board approved these two licenses with conditions and the other 25 without.

There are very clear restrictions for Auburn auto dealers, and that was reinforced during the meeting. The standard conditions are: No parking on unpaved surfaces; No parking in fire lanes; No parking on sidewalks; Approved parking (site) plans must be followed; No unloading or loading of vehicles on a state highway; The dealership must comply with all conditions previously placed on the license; and, The license must be conspicuously displayed with the total number of allowed vehicles listed.

With 23 motor vehicle dealers in town, both inspectional services and the Board have determined these businesses require more stringent requirements than many other types of establishments. Mention was made of dealers attempting to fit as many cars as possible on their property and disregarding the conditions listed previously. They also intend to use progressive enforcement when violations occur. In all, 121 licenses were approved with some businesses having more than one.