School Spirit Shines in Auburn

by | Dec 11, 2013

By John Anderson

When I went to the rally at Auburn High School on November 26th, my intent was to photograph the Marching Band and their new uniforms. That story ran the same week. I did not expect to be present for a very entertaining rally.


From the faculty chorus to the sumo wrestlers, and from the male dance team to the pie eaters, there was constant fun. Nearly all students got a good laugh when their peers and faculty let loose for a few minutes.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, my business partner Jeff LaBonte was working on a redesigned site for our newspaper, and slide shows were an unknown. Consequently, we sat on this story until the slide shows were running better. The embedded slide show of the rally shows more than words can ever describe.

The school spirit in Auburn has always been wonderful to observe. There are certain schools that are downright nasty in the stands. Auburn is not one of them. I am impressed how students support each other at games, concerts, fundraising events, etc. Tuesday the 26th was no exception. Go Rockets!