Around 4pm on Monday, Auburn dispatchers received a call that a house had apparently been struck by lightning. The house at 5 Pakachoag Crossing had smoke coming from the roof and eves. According to Auburn Fire Rescue, on arrival crews reported a working fire and struck a second alarm. 

At the time the fire broke out, there were no humans at home, but the family dog was, and bolted as firefighters gained entry to the home to attack the fire. The black lab was located in the Pakachoag area shortly after with assistance from a rather active social media dog-hunt, and was returned safely to the owners. AFRD reports there were no injuries fighting the fire.

Photos from scene of the fire provided by Monika Mrzyglod and Auburn Fire Rescue Department. (Click image to view slideshow)


Fire crews were able to knock the fire down quickly, and contained the fire to the attic of the home.  According to Fire Chief Stephen Coleman, there was light smoke and water damage to the home, but fire damage was contained to the attic area. Crews were able to vent smoke through windows and doors using fans as opposed to cutting through the roof, minimizing the damage to the home. 

A tree on the property was also apparently struck by lightning, as the top portion of the tree had fallen in the backyard narrowly missing a shed and tree house. 

Coleman said the family was displaced, but that it should not be long-term and they would likely be able to return in a few days after some immediate restoration work.