Wayne Page – Candidate for Selectman

by | May 19, 2019

Wayne Page is no stranger to Auburn Politics. He currently serves as the Chairman of the Auburn Housing Authority and previously held positions on the School Committee, Council on Aging, Zoning Board of Appeals, and the Veterans Memorial Corridor Committee.

Page told Auburn Mass Daily, “I’m a straight shooter. Some people like that about me. Others don’t.” His campaign slogan, “It’s time to turn the Page with Wayne”, is catchy and his desire to serve the citizens of Auburn is obvious.

Asked what he would bring to the Board of Selectmen, Page said, “I’m somebody who won’t be a rubber stamp.” His intent is to question issues and listen to the residents. Every piece of paper he has distributed during this campaign includes his personal cell phone number, and he wants to hear from the people in town so he can best represent them.

Page is happy with the public schools, and added, “After 12 years on the school committee, I realize they do need the money.” He also thinks the town administration is doing a great job although the issue of personal use of town vehicles was brought up.

Wayne has been an advocate for the elderly and for veterans for many years, and he intends to keep up this effort as a selectman. He thinks tax abatements for these people should be expanded and that the town should notify any resident turning 60 about the opportunities. He would also like to see increased funding at the Auburn Senior Center for additional programs.

Page believes we need to continue the efforts to maintain town roads and parks, and the funding should come from the Commonwealth. He thinks Senator Moore and Representative Frost should push for the money.

Good ideas cost money, and Page offered a couple of options including more grant proposals. (Ed. – The town has done very well with grants under the Jacobson administration as presented at Town Meeting last week.) He also thinks we should be aggressively pursuing delinquent taxes which Page estimates as greater than $400K. He hopes good payment plans can be established to get owners back on track.

Page also does not support a single tax rate, and thinks businesses are better able to pay their current share rather than increasing the burden on homeowners.

He would like to pursue some changes to the town charter, and he understands the difficulty in getting this done. Page would like to return some town positions to “elected” status including the planning board and the Highway Surveyor (DPW Director). He feels upper positions, including all department heads, should require residency and that residents are more vested in the community.

Lastly, Wayne’s wife, Susan, serves as his campaign’s treasurer and daughter, Heather, serves as chairman. He has broken off all ties with Alan Rafferty, the previous chairman.

Wayne’s conclusion, “I definitely want to be there for the people.”