Auburn Mass Daily Taking Monday Off

by | Nov 28, 2013


Well, kind of.  We took advantage of a slow holiday weekend (from our point of view) to implement a redesign we have been working on for some time now.  The downside is that we have not really had time to put together much news over the weekend.  But we figure you all will understand.

We hope you’ll enjoy the new-look Auburn Mass Daily.  What started as a modest attempt to get the word out about Auburn events and happenings has sort of overwhelmed us.  Thank you, our readers, for jumping on board as quickly and as loyally as you have.  We have been doing this basically for nothing, so your appreciation is our payback!

In just three months, we have gone from zero to 400 average daily site views.  We have almost 800 Facebook followers.  This already exceeds the reported weekly readership of the Auburn News, and we are quickly approaching the readership of the former Auburn Daily Voice.  Over 100 individuals receive our daily e-mail updates, and this number grows almost daily.  It’s still just the two of us, but with our readers’ help, we have posted over 260 articles and over 1,600 original photos.

The new design should allow for easier navigation and make it easier to find content from prior days.

The new format also gives us tremendous flexibility to add new features and tweak the site appearance.  If you are a business or are running an event, we now have numerous options to promote your products, services and events.  We can run your listing on the front page, on the article pages, or even specific categories like sports.

It’s a bit early, but looking forward to our New Years resolutions:

  • We will be adding a online storefront where you can purchase digital or physical copies of photos run on the Auburn Mass Daily.
  • We’ll continue adding more advanced feature story controls to provide an even more dynamic and visual experience.
  • We plan to more aggressively sell advertising which will allow us to pay freelance reporters to provide you with even better local coverage.
  • Finally, while we have always had a mobile version of AMD, we plan to release an Auburn Mass Daily app that will make reading and viewing our content easier on mobile devices.

We hope you like the changes.  Please don’t hesitate to let us know of any bugs, ideas or suggestions you have for our site.  Tell all your friends about us and make sure they’re reading.  Have a wonderful holiday season.  We’ll be back tomorrow with more “real” news.