Auburn High Senior Selected as Student Governor for Student Government Day

by | Apr 4, 2019

Auburn High School senior Madison Poshkus has been selected from hundreds of applicants across the Commonwealth to act as Student Governor during the state 72nd annual Student Government Day on April 5.

Student Government Day was enacted by the state legislature in 1947. It is an informative program about state government, that includes students participating in the role of elected or appointed officials to “observe the processes of government.” The program provides educators and students from Massachusetts’s public and private high schools with opportunities to learn first-hand about state government and the opportunity for students to exchange views with their peers throughout the state.

The Student Governor was selected from nominees from public and private high schools across Massachusetts. Auburn High School civics teachers Spencer Kennard Vincent Benacchio nominated Poshkus, who then submitted a written speech to the Student Government Day Committee for consideration to be named Student Governor.

“It seemed like a shot in the dark” said Poshkus. But upon returning from a vacation in Florida, she found a letter from Massachusetts State Senator Michael O. Moore (D-Millbury) informing Poshkus of her selection.  

Poshkus’ speech was evaluated based on originality, organization of ideas, and overall understanding of the topic. She will now deliver her speech to the Joint Convention of the Senate and House on Student Government Day.

In his letter, Sen. Moore informed Poshkus, “You will have the opportunity to learn, first-hand, about state government and be able to voice your position on important issues during simulated committee hearings and House and Senate formal sessions.”

Said Poshkus, “To be invited to be part of the conversation surrounding youth civic engagement in Massachusetts means the world to me. I am honored to have been selected to serve as Student Governor. “  

Poshkus also has high praise for her teachers. “[This] is an excellent culmination of what I’ve learned during my time with my incomparable teachers and mentors, Mr. Kennard and Mr. Benacchio.”

On Student Government Day, Poshkus will experience the roles of members of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of state government. Many of the student delegates from across the state will participate as legislators in House and Senate sessions. All students may take part in a simulated committee hearing. Students will also have the opportunity to visit various elected and appointed office holders and staff as they carry out their daily activities.

As if this once in a lifetime opportunity weren’t enough to fill her Friday, Poshkus will be racing back from Beacon Hill to her 4pm call time for the cast of AHS Drama’s performance of Chicago, which opens at 7pm Friday night for three shows. Poshkus  portrays Roxie Hart, a Chicago chorus girl who is accused of murder and awaits trial.